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I post to these social media sites. Though there are a lot of sites, I post to each of them rarely. I'm not going for volume, but for a highly curated, current collection of things I want to talk to people about.

This blog... 

... is for ranting.


is a good way to contact me or share links with me. I'm @K2_Said.


  • Hope Chest: Thoughts and resources for the kids I mentor, and anybody else who wants to play along. 
  • Prevocative: Stuff that evokes / provokes a strong gut response.


I post fashion, visual art, and interior design here. I also use Pinterst for storyboarding. I have collections like Story People and Story Places which I use when I'm looking for ideas writing fiction. I use Pinterest to group these into boards starting with "SB" (for StoryBoard). It's a profoundly fun, time-wastey way to come up with story ideas. You're welcome to brainstorm from my boards. I'd love to see what five different writers did with the same 10 seed images.

Music (Spotify):

I love music. Frend me on Spotify and let's trade tracks. My musical tastes could be summed up by the following:

  • I Grew up in a Brooklyn Ghetto (I didn't actually)
  • That Same Person, Feeling a Little Sad at a Very Good Rave
  • A Different, Much Calmer Rave Attendee who is Possibly Tripping Balls

With a little variety in the mix. If this sounds like you, check these stations out.

  • Work Music (high energy breakbeat, electronica)
  • Medium Energy (
  • Listen Close (usually quiet, usually fascinating music of all genres)

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