Thursday, May 16, 2013

Prosie, the Riveting

Hi folks!

You might have found this blog because you've read a write-up about the Brosie the Riveter joke that my buddy Sam Kirk and I played at our company, the write-up of which was originally hosted on The Hawkeye Initiative. To our surprise and pleasure, it went viral. :) It wound up on sites like Kotaku, PC Gamer, and Wired. There's an interview with me up on Wired, too, here.

This is a blog I've used from time to time in the past. It has been mostly for data science rants, sometimes for silly things. The Hawkeye Initiative blog post was my first posting about gender issues. You can follow me on twitter, where I also post rarely, here: @K2_said. If you want to contact Sam or myself, you can do so through Twitter, through Sam Kirk's site, or through the Hawkeye Initiative.

I might blog/tweet more now! But man it takes up hella time.*, ** So we shall see.


* Including troubleshooting why some of the older formatting on this blog is hosed.
** Oh, you heard me right. I said: "hella."