Sunday, February 3, 2008

Like a Pimp

So I'm walking near my house and ahead of me is this very animated Black guy, mid-50s, talking exuberantly alongside his long-suffering, fat, disenfranchised girlfriend.

"You know, you know!" He's saying. "Like a pimp." He's faking a big hitch in his step. "You know."

I am highly amused by this. He looks over at me, catches my eyes/smirk, and, thrilled, re-directs his story to me. "YOU know," he calls, with a huge grin, exaggerating the hitch in his step. "Like a, like a pimp!"

I nod at him in empathy, continuing on my way. He calls back to me: "They said-- They said I couldn't be a pimp." I laugh, and his excitement redoubles. His fat long-suffering girlfriend pretends not to notice.

"See, I can't be a pimp," he yells down the block at me. "Mm-mm, yep! See I filled out, I filled out the paperwork to be a pimp, but they said I couldn't be a pimp. They said I couldn't be a pimp because I fall in LOVE too easy!"

I am trying to control my amusement as I enter my building. "See," he shouts after me, just delighted with himself: "You can't be a pimp if you fall in love!"

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